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Games are meant to be fun. Unfortunately, most developers have failed to understand this premise in recent times and have opted to construct the most hurdled, impossible objectives that results in any user quitting even before attempting the objectives. This is particularly true in the case of flash games which people engage in to simply while away their time and kill some productivity at their workplace or school. Flash games are meant to keep you on edge and get you hyped up, not stumped and miserable to the point where you want to tear your hair out!

Fortunately for us, there are game creators who feel the same way, who strive for one common purpose in the world of flash games during these desperate times. At Enemy.com, this community of like-minded individuals have come together to provide our users with a flash gaming experience like no other. At Enemy.com, we break the shackles of locked upgrades and levels. We provide a limitless experience from the get go to keep you engrossed to your screen for hours on end as you enjoy the freedom of full gaming experience, without any boundaries.

Enemy.com features flash games in virtually every genre of gaming ranging from tower defense games to first person shooters as well as simple arcade games. Take a look at our abundant selection and you will assuredly find an array of games that interest you. Look for that one flash game that you are passionate about and play the comprehensive version on Enemy.com with levels and abilities unlocked.

If you are a hacked flash game developer, make yourself comfortable at Enemy.com! This is the place where you will find a highly engaged community who will appreciate your efforts in providing a fun gaming experience without with the heartache and misery of outrageous obstacles to overcome. Submit your hacked flash games with confidence knowing that countless avid fans in our ever growing community of users are procrastinating what they should be doing to play your game instead!

Discover addictive games like never before with the extensive navigation system that the site provides with games categorized by rating, popularity as well as the latest games. Use the comments feature to connect with other peers in the community and gain tips as well as new friends. Get started now!