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Enemy.com - Frequently Asked Questions

The following list comprises of a series of answers to questions that you may commonly have when operating the website.

Q. None of the games are loading. How do I make them load?

This is probably because the Flash Player plugin has been disabled on your browser or it hasn't been installed. Visit www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer to download the latest version for your browser. If the problem persists, flash access may be blocked by a security or malware program. You can alternatively try using a different browser which may solve the problem.

Q. Can I request a game to be added to Enemy.com?

We want Enemy.com to be your one source of flash games that has its umbrella over every flash game on the internet! If you are missing one of your favorites, feel free to contact us and we will get in touch with the developer and request permission to add the game on Enemy.com.

Q. Is it safe to login via Facebook?

Yes it is. We have integrated Facebook for your convenience so that you don't have to remember separate login details for Enemy.com. We use Facebook's API and we don't have access to the credentials submitted. The login process is handled via the Facebook server.

Q. Why can't I comment on the site anymore?

We have restrictions in place to prevent our servers being overloaded with requests. If you are unable to comment, it may be due to accidental repetitive comments. You can try again in a few minutes. Continually overloading the server with requests may result in an IP ban which you will be notified of.

Q. How can I be updated on the latest information on Enemy.com?

You can stay in touch by subscribing to any of our official social network profiles. You can follow our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page to stay informed.

Q. Some games are taking ages to load, how do I fix this issue?

Flash games have varying sizes. Some games with relatively good quality graphics or extended game-play may be fairly large in size and may take a while to load even with a reasonably quick connection. Your best bet would be to upgrade your internet connection. Disabling any other applications in your system that is utilizing your internet bandwidth may also be beneficial.