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If you are a frequent visitor of the site, consider signing up as a member at Enemy.com. Membership is free and takes only a minute. Once you are a registered user, you may configure your account and provide relevant information to the rest of your community in order to interact with other likeminded flash game enthusiasts.

Member accounts will also give you the option of easier access to comments and rating of games in order to have a more notable presence on the website. Having an account will also give you better accessibility to your favorite games and will allow you to spend more time playing your favorite games rather than looking for them!

Your voice

You can contribute to the website and share your tips, complaints and suggestions using the comments feature. You can also rate the game to give your peers your measure of the game's value. Please note that abusing this privilege and leaving comments that are deemed futile, inappropriate or baseless will be flagged and removed. Continually leaving comments in such a manner may result in you being banned from commenting.

Are you a developer?

We are always on the lookout for new, innovative and exciting games to add to our ever-growing collection of games. Make sure that you are the sole developer before submitting any game. We will review your masterpiece and have it hosted on our website as soon as possible once we receive your request. Click here to submit your game.


If you are a webmaster or internet marketer who is interested in promoting a product or service that our audience would be interested in, feel free to contact us for further information. Enemy.com has a strong, dedicated user-base and we would be more than glad to expose your business to our loyal users.

Take a look at our FAQ page for more answers to common queries.